Wednesday, February 17, 2010


Usually I am feeling pretty lousy before we go to our weekly doctors visits. Most of the time it is full of stress, and we walk away feeling defeated when we hear more bad news.

We went to the doctors office yesterday. Walking through their doors is like walking into an exhibit at the zoo of pregnant female mammals. Even the ladies behind the desks have masks on, I guess so they don't catch what we might be carrying. We usually have atleast a 45 minute wait so today I brought my book, water bottle and phone to pass the time. Lo and behold, we were called within minutes! I could tell this was already going to be a great visit.

They walk us back to the death march song. Somber as can be we go into the ultrasound room, where I take my place, shirt up, on the ultrasound table, Matt sits next to me holding my hand. As we wait nervously, Matt begins a nervous twitch, where he pretends to play ping pong in the air, or rocks back and forth, arms in a scarecrow postion swinging them so that both arms make full circles. He adds sound effects to the whole shabang. At this point in our marriage I don't even pay attention, I used to be mildly amused.

The team comes in, puts the jelly on the belly and tada!! There is our little baby! She is moving like crazy, sucking on her fingers. We try to understand her positions. Everytime I think I am looking at her tummy, its actually her head. They showed us her nostrils yesterday, I thought it was her bum bum. Hopefully, by the time she is born we can figure this out.

Doctor looked her over and she and I are doing way better than expected! Bedrest is working! Yippee! I MAY even go all the way to term. Wouldnt that be crazy! We walked out of that place feeling like a million bucks. I think I'm starting to like going there!