Friday, March 26, 2010

Technology rocks

So I have been in the hospital since Sunday. I had a minor placental abruption  that seemed to clear itself up by Sunday night. They are planning on keeping me here until Monday. I have to say it's nice to be monitored so closely and being here gives me added security that the baby is doing OK.

I do have some issues that I am going to warn you come along with a lot of spoiled complaining. If you can't stand whining and fit throwing then you should stop reading now.

Let's start with the positive. The hospital room is very nice. It has a small refrigerator, private bath, a couch for visitors or husbands that would like to spend the night and a small TV. The staff totally rocks, all are so sweet and will do anything to calm my nerves.

So here is where I start my little tirade. Let me just tell you how much Matt and I love TV. We have one in just about every room. We have our big screen in the basement and we even have our outside deck wired for one. Every one of these includes DVR, sometimes commonly referred to as TiVo.

After dinner, where we have got a minute by minute play of Addie's day, one or all of the TV's are turned on for our enjoyment.   Addison is usually watching Full House for the 100th time upstairs in her play room, Matt is watching ESPN downstairs  and I have Millionaire Matchmaker on in the living area.. Once Addie goes to bed,  God forbid Matt and I would take some time to actually talk to each other after a long day, no we look to TV to de-stress. Sometimes we say, "so do you want to talk?" and then we slightly chuckle and say "Nah, that's crazy talk, let's go downstairs and watch Big Love." This is where DVR comes in. I have no idea what nights ANYTHING is actually on. All of the shows that we regularly watch is on DVR. Just poof!  It's there and we get to watch it commercial free and during American Idol, Kara and Randy free!

In my hospital room, it's 100% TV all the time. There is no GUIDE much less DVR. I have 75 channels and do you think that I can find anything to watch? I have no idea what time anything comes on, much less where NBC or FOX is. So at 7:58 I start scanning the channels trying to make the start of any show. Once I find a show that looks like it was made this century, I take a minute or two to figure out what it is, then continue to scan the channels to see if anything better is on, all the while trying to remember what channel that one show was on that I thought might be good to watch.

 How did we live without this amazing thing called DVR? I remember living with 3 channels in the 70's and you had to get UP to change the channel, so why is this so bad?

I guess we just get so spoiled by every day tchnology, even if it is realitively new.  DVR was just invented like 5 years ago so how do we not remember a day without it! It's like everything else, ATM cards, cell phones, MP3 players, COMPUTERS! We have come so far! In fact I would venture to say that the 70's was closer to the age of the dinosaurs than now.

I guess I will just go back to the good old days and listen to radio while here in the hospital. There is a great show that I listen to on my iphone (could'nt do that a few years ago) it's called the Matt and Ramona show.It makes me happy and I don't have to search for it. 107.9 THE LINK. 3-7. (I know, shameless...)