Friday, March 19, 2010

Am I the weirdest person you have ever met?

Many times in my life, especially through college, I have been told that I am weird. I don't mind that actually. I like being a little different.  My father in law, months after we met said "You know, you are really weird."  Why, thank you, and I really do mean that! Brian Ellis in 1996 made the same observation. "You are the weirdest person I have ever met." Cool! And my husband Matt doesn't have to say it, we are both weird, that is why we work. But lately as I have had plenty of time to ponder, why is this so?

I sat down and put a little list together.

 Could it be because I play million dollar question in my head? If there is a name that I am trying to think of, or even 3 movies that start with the letter R, I pretend that I am in a game show and if I can get the answer before the buzzer goes off I win 1 Million dollars! Now the buzzer is not of predetermined time, on no, it depends on my mood. Bad mood, buzzer always goes off and I am a big fat loser, good mood and the crowd goes wild after I name 3 actors that have starred in movies based on an Island.  I do this about 10 times a day. WEIRD

Could it be because I  over cheer everything? Board games, softball games, 3 legged race...better be on my team cuz all I do is scream, win or lose.  I write whatever word was last said in a conversation on my leg. My college roommate is the only one to have caught on. When she comes to visit, she still watches my leg and asks "what are you writing?"

Or maybe because I walk around shouting out names all day. It is usually from the news or whatever TV program was on that morning. It is always preceded by "Hello, my name is..." I once went around saying "Hello my name is Saddam Hussein"  for a week.  My brother in law always makes fun of the time we were in the car and I shouted "Hello, my name is Comcast Cable"

Could it be because I save all my favorite magazines and books for last? I get US Weekly in the mail and it has to go to the bottom of the pile, I read Redbook, Good Housekeeping and Cooking Light before I will let myself enjoy US Weekly. Problem is but the time I get to it, more magazines have arrived and half the time I am 3 behind. Same with books, save the best for last. I have books that I am so excited to read from 2 years ago piled in my closet.

Maybe it's because I love to give myself shots. Even I will say that is weird. I even kind-of like giving blood!  I look forward to going to the lab at the doctor's office and my heart skips a beat when it's shot day at home (Thursdays and it's for the baby) I'm gonna miss shot days when this is all over with..

And lastly, I am an exaggerated waver.  I wave at everyone, especially from cars and I want them to know it.  I wave at busses, trains, bike riders, Santa Claus and my favorite, the trolly.  Just pick up your hand and wave back..that is what is so fun at being waved at! It brings joy and happiness to all involved.

I'm sure if you put together a weird-o list, you could come up with some quirky items too, I just happen to have a lot of time on my hands to actually put one together.

After reading this, I am now curious if I am going to be committed.

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Daddy always says YES!

One night last week Addison and I are watching yet another movie waiting for Daddy to come home.

Addison says "Mom did I eat a good dinner?" This happens every single solitary night so I know how the conversation is going to go. "Did you eat all your vegetables?" I say? "Yes definately. Don't you remember?"

 I do, and I have to say she does a pretty good job on her veggies. I won't lie, it's the threat of no treat that gets her to eat whatever green mushy thing it may be, but whatever works.

"Ok, then ask your dad when he gets home." I say,  not wanting to move my mammoth body off the luxery of the couch. (nor should I, hello bedrest?)
"Addie jumps in delight and says "Yea! He will definatley say YES! Daddy always says yes."

Really? Is that so? Why am I pretending to be shocked? Matt IS Mr.Yes man. We know this in our house and everyone is fine with me being Mrs. Meanie, bossy pants, except me.

 "I relay the story to Matt, in front of Addison thinking he might chuckle and say, "It's nice you think that sweetie, but Daddy does'nt always say yes. Sometimes I have to say No!"
Or "well, daddy needs to work on saying no, mommy can't always be the bossy meanie pants! "

No, Daddy says "Oh honey, I am so glad that you think that, Daddy loves to give you everything and if I can I will always say yes to whatever y our little heart desires." (Ok, maybe this is slightly exagerated, but this is what I heard)

Alrighty, we obviously need to have a nice long talk...AFTER bedrest is over. With everything on Matt's plate right now if I told him that he needed to start disciplining and work on his NO skills, I would bet that I would find him at the bottom of the cliff in our backyard one evening.  If  giving his daughter everything she ever wanted  makes him happy, and it may be the ONE bright spot in his day (besides ESPN) then I can give him that for 3 more months..... After that, it's hello Mr.Notsoniceafterall!