Saturday, February 6, 2010


I was a bit bummed this morning when I woke up and realized that Addison had her first gymnastics meet. The thought of little 3 and 4 year olds competing in their gymnastics gear, trying to do a log roll cracks me up. Pretty soon I was down in the dumps in an "I feel so sorry for myself mode." This is only the beginning! What more "firsts" am I going to miss? Blah, blah, blah. It didnt take long for me to realize that I needed to completely recenter myself. So I prayed and focused, I focused my energy on the health of my child, I prayed for the continued blessings that are showered on us each day and I just wanted to say thanks. Thank you for the health of my family and my friends. Thank you for Matt's job. Thank you for keeping my children alive and well. You know what? It completly changed my perspective for the day.

When we lost Grayson, we were in shock, I felt that kindof gratitude on a level that I have never experienced before. Gratitude for my healthy, beautiful 3 year old, grateful for both of our families that dropped everything to cry with us, be with us and help with Addison. Thankful for all my friends for listening to me and helping me merge back into society after such a horrible loss.

This time my gratitude is different. It comes from the joy that I have a living child inside of me. Still very much alive and getting stronger each day. Grateful for a doting husband that makes me feel like a Queen, never complaining, always making me laugh. Thankful for my family that worries with me every day. I have gratitude for my friends that are going to help pass the long days ahead and make us delicious dinners so we don't have to eat tuna mac every night.

Gratitude is an amazing thing. It can change your attitude and outlook for the entire day. Think about everything that you are grateful for, pray for that feeling of serenity every day, because you never know when the carpet can be pulled out from under you.

Life is good. Very good.

Thursday, February 4, 2010

Grocery Withdraw

I confess, I am a grocery store junkie. I actually get excited when I find time during my day to casually peruse the isles, looking for the next best thing that my family can't live without. I pride myself on knowing exactly where everything is, even the Wheat Germ. (It's in the cereal isle for future reference)

So making my grocery list while on bedrest looks a little like this

AVACADO (black means too ripe, green means not ripe enough, somewhere in between is perfect. Feel it though and make sure it has a little give to it)
ALMONDS (plain, not sliced, no honey crunchy coating, just plain)
PRUNES (in salad dressing isle, opposite end of salad dressings..we like the one a days)
CHICKEN (breast, organic, smart freeze, no gross white things all over it,fresh.)

So the list goes on and on like this for two pages. I would be completely annoyed with anyone that gave me a list like this, but luckily Matt isnt me and loves the extra detail.

Matt's maiden voyage was last weekend. Out he goes into the grocery store jungle, armed with his mighty list, trusty pen, and cell phone should he encounter any problems.

Problems? No problems..just 5 phone calls, 3 items that didnt make it into the cart, and 10 items that were wrong. And it took 3 hours. But hey, no big deal, we all need to sacrifice during momma's time out.

My goal is that by the time this is over, Matt will be a genious grocery shopper and I will be less of a control freak. Now where is my list? I need water flavor sticks. (not the ones that have aspartame, not crystal light, less than 10 calories, you can pick it out)

You want to smack me don't you?

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Dad made what?

Sitting down to a beautiful meal prepared by chef Matt last night...
I exclaim  "Addie, look at this! Doesnt  this look so good! Tell Daddy how great it looks!"
Addison looks at her plate and looks up at me perplexed, and says "Who made this for us?"
Not understanding her confusion I say "Daddy! Didnt he do a great job!
"No, Mom, your not understanding me, I mean Who brought this to us?"

After much explaining, the poor girl still does not get the concept that Daddy can feed us.

I guess this makes me feel good for two reasons, I have been doing a wonderful job of hiding the fact that Daddy CAN indeed cook, and I have obviously been keeping this family fed for 4 years now, never alluding to the fact that anyone can do it but me.

Monday, February 1, 2010

4 days in...

I have been asked to start a blog by a few of my family and friends. A blog about Bedrest, you heard right it's going to be soo interesting. Me and the normally there could be some very interesting stories that could come from me and my bed, but this is a PG blog. He, he he....Ok, I'm lying, there is nothing exciting that happens in my bed:(

So I have been sentenced to the bed. Yep, for the next 20 weeks I will officially be confined to this bed for 23 hours a day. No big deal. I have a beautiful little girl inside of me that is relying on me to do my job. Actually, I have two little girls relying on me to do my job, one that needs a sister in the worst way.

I am 4 days into it and I have to say, so far so good. Ok, there has been only 1 real day of by myself bedrest, I am not going to lie, it was kind of nice. I hear this from other bedresters. The first week is awesome. You get the rest you finally need! TV is full of great reruns and the internet is an oasis full of interesting websites waiting to be found.

The weekend proved to be full of guilt as my husband ran around while I watched. That is is by far the hardest part. When you have to sit on a chair explaining to your signifigant other where EVERYTHING in the kitchen is, including a pan to make a scrambled egg in, the take control factor really takes over. I start shouting orders such as, "the burner is on too hot, I can tell it's burning" or " It's in the pantry, no to the left, no up higher, IT'S RIGHT IN FRONT OF YOUR FACE " The look of disgust on Matt's face is worth never talking again. I have had to change my tact a bit to "Honey, if it were me, and this is just a suggestion, I would you add parmesean to the breading, but that is just me, you can do whatever works for you ." It's all in the delivery.

Today, is a snow day, as well as tomorrow I am sure. Tega Cay, SC is not known for it's salt trucks. And then, they have a teacher service day on Friday. This is a DAYCARE people. What kind of servie do you need to do but take care of my kid? Ok, rude.

So this is the start of Bedrest Digest. I hope you enjoy it. I hope you don't want to smack me when it's over, I hope that you get a chuckle from it here and there, and I really want to make bedrest be interesting. Hmmm, that is going to take some work, but I have got nothing but time.

What will keep me going? The thought of holding my healthy, beautiful baby that we have prayed and dreamt about for so long, seeing Addison with her little sister, knowing Matt is on the verge of jumping off a cliff, and knowing that my family and friends are always there to comfort, help and listen. That is what will keep US going.

Love to you all