Thursday, April 15, 2010

Welcome Home Mom

So I was released from the hospital last week! Woohoo! From the moment I have walked in the door to my house my excitement has been quickly overshadowed by the 'little vacation without rules' I'm finding my little Addison has been on without mom.

Since I have walked into my house I have witnessed my daughter dancing on the coffee table, jumping off the back of the couch while saying "poopie!" or "butt!" and screaming at me that "nope, I'm not doing it, I don't have to, nope not ever." I'm serious that is what she says! Let me tell you there have been a few nights that she has been in bed at 6:30. Welcome home mom.

How did this happen you mght say? It starts and ends with my other half.. While she was dancing on the coffee table the other day, I said "Addie! what are you doing? Get off the table." She says "Why?" " you know your not aloud to walk on the coffee table!" I exclaim, completely horrified.  I look over at Matt and he has this look like he just dropped chocolate ice cream on white carpet.  "Oops, he says " I let her dance on the table." Wow. Seriously?

She also has had cheese tortellini with Alfredo sauce every single night for the better part of a month. I'm not kidding.

Addison gets a treat every night if she eats a good dinner. Good dinner in my house means you eat all the veggies and most of the main course and then you get like 3 tablespoons of ice cream with strawberries on top.  The "good" dinner part ended while I was out, because now she just expects a giant bowl of ice cream with chocolate syrup, whip cream and get this, m&m's on top.  I-yi-yi.

In Matt's defense, I will say that he did have a lot on his plate while I was in the hospital and I guess his daughter's nutrition (nor safety) was at the top of his list.

No wonder he's the favorite.