Sunday, June 13, 2010

Addie LOVES the baby..

Baby Avery has been home for two weeks now.  She is an absolute joy to have around, we just love her to death! The transition to a family of 4 has been interesting, especially for Addison.

When we brought Avery home, Addison had us all in tears. She was absolutely and still is in love with her sister.  She kissed her hands, her feet, arms, elbows, head and knees for HOURS. She kept saying this is the best day ever! (that got replaced by Carowinds a week later)

I thought that maybe this fascination would die down a bit.  Oh no, Addison will not let us out of her site. If I am feeding Avery, she is laying on the other knee, kissing her face, ears and head. (I know a little awkward when your breast-feeding) same with giving her a bath, changing her diaper or tummy time.  I bet Avery is thinking "could I take a nice long nap without Addison's lips all over my body?"