Thursday, February 4, 2010

Grocery Withdraw

I confess, I am a grocery store junkie. I actually get excited when I find time during my day to casually peruse the isles, looking for the next best thing that my family can't live without. I pride myself on knowing exactly where everything is, even the Wheat Germ. (It's in the cereal isle for future reference)

So making my grocery list while on bedrest looks a little like this

AVACADO (black means too ripe, green means not ripe enough, somewhere in between is perfect. Feel it though and make sure it has a little give to it)
ALMONDS (plain, not sliced, no honey crunchy coating, just plain)
PRUNES (in salad dressing isle, opposite end of salad dressings..we like the one a days)
CHICKEN (breast, organic, smart freeze, no gross white things all over it,fresh.)

So the list goes on and on like this for two pages. I would be completely annoyed with anyone that gave me a list like this, but luckily Matt isnt me and loves the extra detail.

Matt's maiden voyage was last weekend. Out he goes into the grocery store jungle, armed with his mighty list, trusty pen, and cell phone should he encounter any problems.

Problems? No problems..just 5 phone calls, 3 items that didnt make it into the cart, and 10 items that were wrong. And it took 3 hours. But hey, no big deal, we all need to sacrifice during momma's time out.

My goal is that by the time this is over, Matt will be a genious grocery shopper and I will be less of a control freak. Now where is my list? I need water flavor sticks. (not the ones that have aspartame, not crystal light, less than 10 calories, you can pick it out)

You want to smack me don't you?


  1. You crack me up. And I love that I can picture every bit of this... except our grocery runs at the beach were a little more impulsive and slightly less controlling.

    Or maybe that's because we felt like we were in charge. :)

  2. I loved this entry! I am so like that myself. I can not send my partner to the store with out a complete detail of the asile number and description of what I want. It is so bad when we lived in Charlotte I would do the shopping online, and have him pick it up from the store. Now we live in Rock Hill, we don't have that luxury.

    I am keeping you and your family in my prayers. Looking forward to the day Matt, announces on the radio, that you are holding your bundle of joy.

  3. I love the grocery store. I almost turned my head left when you mentioned the wheat germ. When walking up the aisle toward the checkers at my grocery store the wheat germ is on the left side of the aisle on the top shelf. If you need a "grocery store" fix before the baby comes you can surf, amazon's grocery store or HT allows you to turn the pages of the sales flyer.

  4. "I need water flavor sticks. (not the ones that have aspartame, not crystal light, less than 10 calories, you can pick it out)"

    Did he get the right thing? I have trouble finding these myself and would love to know what kind of "water flavor sticks" you find w/o aspartame. Thanks! And best luck with your newest baby girl. =)