Wednesday, February 10, 2010

What's in your head?

I love to plan. Wether it's weekends, vacations, holidays or just dinner, planning the occasion is my favorite part.

I have been planning and planning, thinking and planning since being put on bedrest. I have our weeks, weekends and nights planned until 2015. I even have us riding happily in our new RV in 2017, kids, mom and dad all smiles, ready for the start of a fantastic weekend. I have such fond memories of camping with my cousins when I was younger. Riding our bikes, swimming in Atwood Lake, the scarecrow making contest over labor day. I now have the thought firmly implanted in my head that our family should do the same.

"Hey, what do you think about getting an RV one day and camping when the kids are older? " I ask Matt non-chalantly over the weekend.

"What? I can't think past dinner!" He says, obviously amazed I would even broach the subject.

That got me thinking, the man's head is so full, what is it so full of? If he isnt thinking about what he needs to do for the day, week, or what we are going to eat for dinner, then what is he thinking about?

It was then that I figured it out, Matt's brain is 93.8% full of sports. I realized that sports center is on in the background all day, sports talk is on in the car all day. He works out to podcasts about sports for the love of pete. He reads every sports magazine ever written, weekly, monthly, you name it. He goes online and researches teams and players and gets the latest stats. He is on 3 fantasy football teams. Oh and get this, he can see a baseball game from 1972 on TV and tell me what play is going to happen next. Now that is impressive.

So there you have it, my brain is full of multitasking, he can hyper-focus on sports. Whatever works, as long as he's happy. :)


  1. I think all mens brains are full of sports. My husband, 44 and my son, 20 can quote plays in a game from years ago...then ask me if I remember! I just laugh.........

  2. My hubby is the same way!! It makes me crazy some days! Men are just wired differently.

  3. This is great, Amy!! Love reading and laughting!!!