Tuesday, February 23, 2010

My first wheelchair trip

When I was at my doctor's office last week, I casually asked about shopping and getting out with a wheelchair, where I recieved much to my delight, approval.

Luckily, my parents were here this weekend to help out with some things around the house and to escort me on my maiden voyage. We left Matt at home for a much needed rest and my dad at the Sears outlet.

This first trip was suitably to Babies-r-us. With my mother and Addison in tow, we head to the baby superstore with my list of yet needed baby items my Grandmother's old traveling wheelchair that has been in my parents attic for decades.

My sweet mother has this idea that I can't stand, much less take a few steps, so when we shut down the engine and I begin to get out of the van,I jolt to her frantic scream  "Don't move!" She jumps out of the car, runs to the back to get out the wheelchair and brings it right up to my door. I can now fall into the seat, my feet never touching the ground!

Addison is soo tired she can't even walk, she HAS to sit on my lap. We arrive at the doors with my tiny mother trying to navigate our teetering wheelchair stacked to the brim with bodies.

Once we get inside, we start to get a cart and then look from cart, to wheelchair, cart to wheelchair. How is my mother going to push me AND the cart? We think and ponder and finally come up with the great idea that I will push the cart and she can push me! Genious! We put Addison in the base of the cart, so she can sleep. The Harris train begins it's journey, Addison and the cart first, me and my wheelchair second and my Mom heading up the back, pushing us all.

Many isles and stares later, we come to the conclusion that this is not working, we are too big, we are getting nothing done but navigation techniques, and Addie can't make up her mind between the cart, my lap or clinging to Grandma.

After hours of shopping for a meager 6 items, We checkout, get to the car, unload our packages, load up the wheelchair and are half way out of the parking lot, where I realize that we forgot to use my coupons! Close to $20 bucks worth, definately worth it. My mom runs in to the crowded store and braves the customer service line for half and hour. She comes out, reciept in hand, with the exhausted look of triumph on her face. My poor mom, she took a nap on the way home.

We did it. Our first outing with the wheelchair. Ask me, it was totally worth it. Ask my mom? I may not see her again until the baby is born. :)


  1. I'm so glad you got a chance to get out. The mental picture of the wheelchair/cart train is hilarious. Your mom is a great woman, but I'm sure she had a blast. Everything you're doing for your little girl right now is exactly how she feels about doing everything for her little girl :)

  2. Target has those great electric carts that might be fun to try out! Then you dont have to have both the wheelchair and shopping cart!

  3. Your mom is fierce. You are blessed to have such support. Keep holding on, we're all out here thinking about you. BTW, next time get a BRU employee to help you out!! They are used to handling shopping for those out on "bedrest parole". God Bless!

  4. Amy, what a GREAT story -- I could picture it all! Next time (assuming there is one), please let your mom know that when I used to take Grandma for groceries every Saturday (and she really could NOT stand up), I pushed her wheel chair with one hand and pulled the cart behind us with the other. And... I was younger then.

    I do agree with Melissa: go for the motorized cart! Don't your remember Grandma buzzing around the store in one of those, once your dad told her out to make it go?? I can see you now..."Look out, Shoppers in Aisle 4..."

  5. How great that you were able to get out! I just stumbled on your blog and wanted to share that my family's thoughts and prayers are with you guys the whole way. I've listened to Matt and Ramona for several years now and couldn't hope for anything better for your family. You are an amazing writer so please keep going and growing! :)

  6. What you need to do is have your Mom wheel you in the store and then you climb on one of those motorized carts. Much easier. I have a good friend who is wheel chair bound and that's what we do! I just put her wheel chair back in the car while we shop. It's not too much extra work. :-)

    I'm glad you got out and about though, that has to feel good!!

  7. Amy,

    I know exactly what you are talking about. I was pregnant with twins and had a 2 year old, so my mom pushed me around while I held on to the cart with her in it. I couldn't hold her on my lap because it was too big. I felt so silly to be using a wheelchair, but the electric ones at target and BJ's are awesome. Take care of yourself, you will be happy that you did. I made it to 38 weeks and a day with my twins and they were born 7lb3oz and 5lb12oz, all because I did what the doc said.