Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Daddy always says YES!

One night last week Addison and I are watching yet another movie waiting for Daddy to come home.

Addison says "Mom did I eat a good dinner?" This happens every single solitary night so I know how the conversation is going to go. "Did you eat all your vegetables?" I say? "Yes definately. Don't you remember?"

 I do, and I have to say she does a pretty good job on her veggies. I won't lie, it's the threat of no treat that gets her to eat whatever green mushy thing it may be, but whatever works.

"Ok, then ask your dad when he gets home." I say,  not wanting to move my mammoth body off the luxery of the couch. (nor should I, hello bedrest?)
"Addie jumps in delight and says "Yea! He will definatley say YES! Daddy always says yes."

Really? Is that so? Why am I pretending to be shocked? Matt IS Mr.Yes man. We know this in our house and everyone is fine with me being Mrs. Meanie, bossy pants, except me.

 "I relay the story to Matt, in front of Addison thinking he might chuckle and say, "It's nice you think that sweetie, but Daddy does'nt always say yes. Sometimes I have to say No!"
Or "well, daddy needs to work on saying no, mommy can't always be the bossy meanie pants! "

No, Daddy says "Oh honey, I am so glad that you think that, Daddy loves to give you everything and if I can I will always say yes to whatever y our little heart desires." (Ok, maybe this is slightly exagerated, but this is what I heard)

Alrighty, we obviously need to have a nice long talk...AFTER bedrest is over. With everything on Matt's plate right now if I told him that he needed to start disciplining and work on his NO skills, I would bet that I would find him at the bottom of the cliff in our backyard one evening.  If  giving his daughter everything she ever wanted  makes him happy, and it may be the ONE bright spot in his day (besides ESPN) then I can give him that for 3 more months..... After that, it's hello Mr.Notsoniceafterall!


  1. This coming from a girl who has a YES man daddy herself :) Daddy's are the best! Infact isnt' yours there right now doing his daddy to do list? lol
    love ya!

  2. So glad to hear someone else say this! It is the same at my house. Avery woke me up the other morning with gum in her mouth because Daddy had gotten her out of bed and she asked for it first thing so, naturally, he said Ok. He danced off to work and I spent the morning trying to get her to eat something besides gum.

  3. Seems like things are still going well! Yeah! Another week down...the finish line is getting closer and closer. And, just so you know, daddies of daughters LOVE to say yes...no matter the age of the girl ;)

  4. Oh Amy, you're so funny. And under archive on this page it says something to the effect of "Am I the wierdest person ever?" And right below that it says, "Daddy says yes!!" I instantly thought your dad was agreeing......
    Keep writing, Dear One, someday you'll read back on this, and so will this little girl, and you'll be so glad you kept an account.