Thursday, May 6, 2010

The internet is always right

I've been noticing lately that my nails have these really fine black lines running through them, they are not going away and getting worse. Luckily I have a laptop running on my bed at all times to calm these type fears on a regular basis.

I look up what this could mean and lo and behold I have heart disease. That's right. So on top of pregnancy and bedrest I now have heart disease to contend with. Could this be right? I picked up my phone to call my doctor with this new news and then thought "she is going to laugh if I tell her that I have a heart problem because my nails tell me so. "

I told Matt about it that night and he said "I have been tasting metal in my mouth for a few days, so I looked it up and it says that I have Chrones disease ." Matt is at the doctor at-least once a week with some kind of self-induced panic.

 Ahhh, so we are internet made hypochondriacs. Ok, what does it say about itchy palms and dry eyes?


  1. If your palms are itchy, buy a lottery ticket. It is a proven medical fact, Amy.

  2. Hi, hope everything is going ok... sending good thoughts your way. I check in on your blog every once in awhile :). I always thought it was kind of neat how we have the same name, our older daughters are near the same age (Avery will be 5 Aug. 2) and I'm due with our third daughter July 5. I wish all the best to you guys, and the safe arrival of your little one, take care :)

  3. Wait... don't leave me hanging - I have those same dark lines on my nails! Don't make me go to the internet to find out what's wrong - it's scary out there.

  4. I thought itchy palms meant money! That's what I've been telling myself at least...

    I had some weird rash on my thigh once so naturally I went straight to the internet. It diagnosed me with an STD. I called my husband straight away to tell him. He still likes to bring this one up for a good laugh.

    I'm so glad I found your blog. I've been a M&R listener for years, but since changing jobs haven't been able to listen as much. I have many, many times over the past 2 years thought of you. I wish you and your family very well, with Kindergarten and the new baby!!

  5. Heard the news!! Congratulations!!